The definition of contemporary style upholds the highest degree of grandeur within the “Metropol Parasol” as its been dubbed the world’s largest wooden structure in the Plaza de La Encarnacion in Seville, Spain. Designed by J. Mayer H Architects, the interweaving waffle like components are reinforced with steel and concrete and rises above the city to provide shade being positioned to form canopies and walkways below the parasols. The Metropol Parasol administers a melting pot of culture and diversity as a range of attractions and amenities lay below it for the public. This polyurethane coated creation is considered one of the most innovative bonded timber constructions since it blends a distinct alliance between the historic medieval proponents of the city with the modern culture now protruding it. With its geometric molds and daring shapes, this structure shields the city from the continuous glares of the sun and connects a natural protection of Seville’s architectural history while blending the new and diverse essence of it.