A welcoming and friendly presence excretes from the Fred & Ginger table and chair designed by Roberto Lazzeroni from Poltrona Frau. Their Ginger Chair’s soft leather shell is overflowing with comfort and ease as it has a visible top stitching running along the whole outside edge that creates a decorative effect. Their Fred Table has the beauty of an elegant leather surface with its soft featherlight structure. Graphic adornments on the table’s surface highlight the delicacy of its creation as they were made from handmade carvings and cold markings.


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Tiffany “Tiffy” is a college graduate with a BS in magazine journalism. The freedom of expression compels her to the winds of creativity which brings her happily to Gblog”s artistic gates. Writing has always been her art, her talent, her calling. She also tutors and writes for her own blog, Heartbeat.