A weekend house in Japan emulates the serene atmosphere of it’s surroundings in Chiba, Japan. Design team Keiji Ashizawa constructed the house parallel to a riverside where two volumes of the home is divided into two abstracts containing a private bedroom for a child and a master bedroom. Public space also resides within the volumes as well as a kitchen and a living room.

An outside dining area gives use to the deck as it sits nestled between the two volumes while the bathroom and guesthouse lay located on the top floor. A welcoming environment is within the realms of this home as a large concrete dining table is placed in the big living room that leads to the deck space close to the river.

Protection from the north wind and the afternoon sun is provided from the pre-cast concrete panel used for the outer wall and the wall on the north and east side of the home. These delicate features present a warm and light presence that creates a rapture of comfort for residents living within this dwelling.