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Nuigishi by Thomas Jorion

  • The meaning of the word nuigishi in Japanese refers to  disposable paper tissues. These tissues are generally distributed free on the streets by pretty young girls. They now serve as an advertising medium, becoming  the bearers and symbol of consumer society, although their first appearance dates back to a very early period. The intent of this series of pictures by French photographer Thomas Jorion is to represent the effect of the direct impact of the consumer society in the giant economy of Japan.
    The hotel industry as many others pays the price of this enthusiasm for the constant compulsive research of new type of  entertainment. This is the case in the province of Izu, renowned for its summer activities, which saw its business decline in favor of more distant and exotic destinations. Video games, Internet, new consumption patterns have left out a whole section of Japanese society completely abandoned to a slow process of  disappearance. Thomas Jorion wants to show this and preserve it before it will be completely disappeared.

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