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Unique Wooden Laptop Case by TheBetaVersion

  • Two design teams, TheBetaVersion and the Dombon-a-Tanya combined minds to pull together an unconventional project that questions how the elements of design and fashion meet with ornamentation and systematization. Four different bags were created – a man’s bag, a woman’s bag, picnic case, and school bag – out of a study the transforms normal human feelings, reactions and attributes into an object. These designs analyzes the emotional and rational components of a human being in consideration of age and sex. Each design is made of pitted raw wooden blocks with vegetable tanned leather stripes.

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    tiffy Tiffany “Tiffy” is a college graduate with a BS in magazine journalism. The freedom of expression compels her to the winds of creativity which brings her happily to Gblog”s artistic gates. Writing has always been her art, her talent, her calling. She also tutors and writes for her own blog, Heartbeat.
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