Lunar came up with a very creative and practical solution to the urban mobility issue and called it MO. MO is a flexible, affordable and sustainable combination of bike rental systems, local public transportation, and car sharing that aims to ease the tension of getting around in the city. Using a human-centered design approach, Mo would also mean less cars on the street, a quieter environment, less oversize roadways and more room for walking paths, improving the overall quality of life for everyone. A variety of rentable bikes, cargo bikes, and cars can be accessed in seconds through Mo’s smartphone app that uses geo-location to encourage usage of the mobility system on the go. MO “members” can easily and quickly choose from a comprehensive, single-source range of vehicles, on the go.

Funny, the word MO in Italian (familiar) is often used as “e mo?” which literally means “and now?”. In this case the answer came to my mind rather naturally. And now? – Now it’s time to start sharing, please.