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Reclaimed Wood Tables and Furniture by Manoteca

  • Our friend Elisa from Manoteca just sent in some pictures of her amazing work. Manoteca is a design studio located in Bologna (Italy) focusing on reclaimed furniture design. The first piece  is called outdoor, it’s a  table built starting from an old exterior door. It can be used as a table for 8 or it can be opened and used as desk/work station. The second piece called Olmo (italian for elm) is a kitchen sink made of an old carpenter’s bench but this isn’t all, there is a lot more to see at manoteca’s site.

    I really like the idea that in every object is held somebody’s life. I hope that who is going to possess an object will think about that and take good care of it. Manoteca is a little house in a park, a lab where old and abandoned things are hosted among with recycled materials, reinvented and reassembled. They all are one-offs, handmade and treated with natural paints.


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    • http://www.roseholdaway.com Rose H

      I am in love with this piece. It is so beautiful. The red painted baton makes me smile.

    • http://www.creativeartfurniture.com Stephen

      I have reclaimed and re-purposed countless items over the past 38 years of business, old workbenches being a particular favorite. Many were found in old cellars and outbuildings as castaways, destined to rot into the earth. I have yet to cut a sink hole into one; however, I think this is a wonderful piece!

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    • http://www.nathanscustomwoodworking.com Nathan

      Very nice and creative! I love working on projects like these. Nice work!

    • Chris

      Wow, what’s it like up there on your pedestal Emile? Going to waste in a rich man’s kitchen – give it a rest. You would exploit a wealthy customer with a shagged old work bench if you could.

      This is a nice piece of design with loads of character and more importantly a history. Its not sad to see at all.

    • Andrew

      lol so true, love the fact they have left all the holes and scratches in it

    • Émile

      Nice table, but really sad to see a nice workbench go to waste in a rich man’s kitchen.


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