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Italian Leather Bag Collection by Libero Ferrero

  • Brothers Matthew, Adam and Peter Lafferty created a luxurious style meant for men within the charming elements of their Libero Ferrero Italian Leather Bag collection. They represent a unique authenticity and ingenious design that embraces a simple and masculine look. Each bag is handmade in Chicago from heirloom-quality materials like plush suit-wool linings of England’s Holland & Sherry and the domestic material of Horween Leather. Their collection includes the stylish designs of the Thompson medicine bag, the Portage briefcase, the Duffle gym bag and the Oak & Eddon carry-on suitcase.

  • tiffy Tiffany “Tiffy” is a college graduate with a BS in magazine journalism. The freedom of expression compels her to the winds of creativity which brings her happily to Gblog”s artistic gates. Writing has always been her art, her talent, her calling. She also tutors and writes for her own blog, Heartbeat.
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