In a country harboring one of the lowest birthrates in the world, it seems fitting that parents and their children would come across a bit of special treatment. Case in point: Baby Café, of Tokyo’s architecturally posh Omotesando neighborhood, where flagship fashion hubs rub walls with their upscale neighbors. The brainchild of architectural firm Nendo‘s Oki Sato, Baby Café showcases the unique role of design as a means of reconciliation between human needs and aesthetic pleasure. Parents and their children (under seven years of age) are treated to a socially and visually stimulating experience during their time at the famed eatery. Pristine white and pale blue Cassina furniture dots the spacious interior, as do tables catering to parents and giant plush chairs and couches furnished for the bouncing delight of children. Prevalent in the thematic design scheme, is an exaggerated difference in scale, with floorboards, furniture, windows, lighting fixtures, and furniture present in both giant adult and tiny child-sized capacities. Cleverly high tables allow adults to enjoy their treats undisturbed, while their little ones can appreciate the drawings strategically placed on the undersides of the tables. Couches and chairs serve multiple functions, as playrooms, diaper-changing stations, and makeshift trampolines for active youngsters. In a series of well-thought-out features, Baby Café’s spacious interior also permits easy movement of people and strollers, as baby monitors allow parents to keep an eye on their children while socializing, and door handles and light switches are kept at a child-proof level. A diverse menu caters to the tastes of parents and children alike, offering options for children, presented in a creatively appealing manner sure to satisfy even the pickiest little eater. Cleverly catering to a rarely-tapped family consumer market, Baby Café does a brilliant job of allowing for parents and children to enjoy their time together in a worry-free manner.