The natural playground of the great outdoors is incorporated into the unique design of “Outdoors Indoors” by Be-Fun Design and EANA. The homes small roof creates strips of skylights to let natural light seep in reminding me of how a canopy of trees shade a rain forest. Ample space allows the light to penetrate further into the lower levels creating an ambiance of peace and tranquility throughout. I can almost feel the crisp air of a forest cooling the sweat beading down my face if I was to ever tackle that awesome rock-climbing wall featured inside.


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Tiffany “Tiffy” is a college graduate with a BS in magazine journalism. The freedom of expression compels her to the winds of creativity which brings her happily to Gblog”s artistic gates. Writing has always been her art, her talent, her calling. She also tutors and writes for her own blog, Heartbeat.