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House R by Roger Christ

  • German architect Roger Christ designed a home that’s simplified by an elegance of contemporary style. The House R is a four-storey home where each floor is connected by an open stairway and an elevator. Access to this home is attainable through a forecourt and a ramp.

  • The ground level features an entrance area, kitchen, a dining room, a double height living room and a home office. Private living areas such as two children rooms with a dressing room and a bathroom and a gallery situate on the first floor. A roof terrace covers the attic that includes a dressing area, a bathroom-box, a wash basin, a bed and a bath tub all arranged like a loft for the parents. This space also has a basement floor that has a swimming pool with a projecting light shaft, a guest room, a bathroom and the buildings equipment. This area is overflowed with a seepage of natural light through the skylight above.

  • Louver windows create an automatic cross-ventilation throughout the home and protect it from excess sun in the glass areas. The structure’s concrete walls cool the rooms during the day because of its thermal mass.

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    • http://www.dsarchitecture.com.au Dion Seminara

      Very interesting design. Certainly does not look like 4 stories at 1st glance


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