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Fabriano Calendar 2012, Paper Becomes Pasta

  • Fabriano paper and pasta: two different stories of Italian craftsmanship with a lot in common, such as quality of the ingredients, skills, experience and imagination. These similarities were the inspiration that led to the idea of the calendar that Fabriano has created for the new year 2012. Fabriano paper gets artfully shaped and trimmed, mimicking twelve types of pasta with a dedicated image for each of the twelve months. This tribute to the creativity and wisdom of the Italian craft tradition designed by capolinea has been printed on paper Fabriano Gentile and will be available from December in all the Fabriano Boutique stores in very limited edition.

    Tortellini, spaghetti, ravioli, pizzoccheri, fusilli, lasagne and garganelli reborn in the folds of Fabriano papers, selected by type, weight, shape, color, roughness, porosity, molded into different shapes of pasta…I can almost smell the aroma of those canederli!

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