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Recycling Bins Look Like Giant Lego

  • Italian design studio Flussocreativo has created the Leco, an ecological station facility, young and colorful with a strong and playful reference playful reference to the building bricks we all love so much.  Flussocreativo wanted to make recycling more fun and appealing for all ages. So let’s see, blue for glass, green for aluminum, white for paper and yellow for plastic. I think I got it.

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    • admin

      these are the contact info of the designer, http://www.flussocreativo.it/en/contact/
      we are sure they will be able to answer your question

      In Italian
      purtroppo non abbiamo una risposta alla tua domanda, questa e’ la pagina con i contatti dei designers che li hanno creati http://www.flussocreativo.it/en/contact/
      Siamo sicuri che potranno aiutarti a reperirli sul mercato.

    • Elisa Marchi

      ma come si possono acquistare?


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