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Back To Basics, Retro Objects Made of Paper

  • Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann are the designers behind the contemporary design studio Zim and Zou based in Nancy, France. Each one of these colorful paper crafted devices part of a series called Back to Basics is patiently hand cut using sustainable paper. Even the smallest “waste” scraps are re-utilized to make some of the smallest details. Including a Polaroid camera, an old Leica, a Walkman, a  Nintendo game control, a floppy disk, a stone age cell phone,  the series has been almost a year in the making (and apparently still in progress).

    “We decided to use a paper process to transform an industrial object into a handmade craft. The fact that the objects are not working places the user in a spectator position, a way to see the object out of its function.”.

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