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Bubblegum Alley – San Luis Obispo, CA

  • On a 70-foot wide, 15-foot high alley in the downtown region of San Luis Obispo, California, chewed gum becomes art. This phenomenon might have started after WWII at a San Luis Obispo High School graduation event, a rivalry between San Luis Obispo High School and Cal Poly students during the late 1950s or as a way for college students to outdo the high school students of Cal Poly by becoming more creative. Whatever the story might be, this wall sends the mind into a whirl pool of imagination as onlookers have seen shapes, words, designs, faces, flowers, “I love SLO” and more. An ample amount of objects like pennies and dimes have been stuck onto it to create eyes for a face. Gum wrappers were also placed on the alley to form colorful designs which add to the superb creativity of participants.

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