We are being lead to change the way we do this life thing. Take the suggestions presented by Velux, a building consciously company. They are championing the Pan European experiment “Model Home 2020”  in efforts to build six homes in five European countries that showcase sustainable living. As the world groans for a higher level of responsibility on us all, these projects hope to inspire architects and homeowners alike.
The Velux Sunlighthouse by Juri Troy Architects reaches for rays on a narrow lot in Vienna, Austria. It is the first co2-neutral single family home in the entire country. The empowering design trickled down from attempts to name the ecological remnant nonexistent within the next 30 years. Among these installations include the following: a high performing heat pump, 43 m2 mono crystalline photovoltaic roof panels, 8 m2 thermal solar panels for hot water, controlled air system with heat recovery, locally grown and processed wood, low co2 output cement mix, insulation made of sheep wool and recycled cellulose.
Inside smooth light wood covers the floors, extends to the kitchen cabinets and decorates gently from the staircase to the loft banister. The sun light cuts across the floor plan, guiding guests into a trance of happiness and warmth of heart.



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