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Dilston Grove by Ackroyd & Harvey

  • Dilston Grove (formerly known as Clare College Mission Church) located on the edge of Southwark Park in Bermondsey, London was transformed into a green chamber of living grass in collaboration with sound artist and composer Graeme Miller, Ackroyd & Harvey. This church was originally designed in early Italian style with an austere exterior which gave way to the dramatic difference created by the liveliness of the fabrics of growing grass. The clay, germinating grass seeds, water and natural light presented the sharp contrast between growth and decay, reverie and renewal. Through the interplay of light, sound and growth, this project brought resurrection to this old, inert and nonfunctional building, bringing back spiritual memories for local residence over a three week period.

  • Jessie Jessie was born in China in 1989; she holds a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Global Management from Binghamton University and is currently a marketing major MBA student there. Her diverse background provided her with early exposure to different cultures which led her to take an interest in international business development. Even though she has serious intentions in becoming a globalized business woman in the future she also has many hobbies that people normally wouldn’t link together. She is a cosmetics/skincare enthusiast who started her own YouTube channel as a beauty guru in hopes of sharing her knowledge and experiences with the rest of the community. She is a dedicated foodie that spends countless hours researching the best places in town to eat and enjoy time with her friends. With possibilities of culinary school and makeup freelancing in her future, she is open-minded and hopes to live as optimistic as she can be.
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    • http://www.fisica.unisa.it/aniello.saggese/ Aniello Saggese

      It’s just beautiful.

    • Mattia

      That’s awesome :)

    • Giuseppe

      Wow. Nice.

    • http://thisworldofmine.altervista.org/ Elena

      I think *UAAAAAAAAAAAAO*


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