I used to love watching those adorable little smurfs go through their fun adventures as a kid. But I never thought their Smurf town would ever come so close to being real. One of the tiny towns of Juzcar, Andalucia, Spain was painted blue as a way for Sony to advertise the opening of The Smurfs movie earlier this year. This past Spring, Sony Pictures executives asked one of the “white towns of Andalucia”  if they could paint it blue for six months. They promised to restore the town to its original white color as well as give them a financial compensation for their troubles. After the town consented, they arrived with 1,100 gallons of bright blue paint to turn this beautiful pueblo into a real life smurf town. A wave of smurf themed activities developed as residents participated in Smurf painting competitions, a Smurf market and Smurf-themed weddings. When it came time to return Juzcar to its former white color, the town people said nay preferring the vibrant blue color.