The Louver House designed by Leroy Street Studio shows the essence of a traditional barn with its abundance of linear space while featuring all the amenities and luxury of a top class contemporary dwelling. Located in Long Island, NY with a neighboring corn field and the Atlantic coast set the home in a unique and peaceful environment.  A two storey foyer welcomes guests inside overlooking a three storey interior garden courtyard. The main area includes a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a mezzanine and a ceiling of three-dimensional wooden and steel timber is framed with a skylight opening allowing abundant natural light to float in. The mezzanine leads to a rooftop garden that is connected to a study hidden within the rafters. This house is coated in a transparent wrapping for its louvers and rain screen siding. At night, a gauzy translucent effect glows around the house from the spaces between the louvers.