Mario Donovan revamped the ever so popular four-door Jeep Wrangler, using 3D CAD to lay out a fiberglass shell and utilizing construction methods used by boat builders, Donovan built an extremely light, fun, convenient and accessible camping car. Without compromising much of the original design of the jeep, Donovan include an interior headroom which is more than 6’3”, there’s a bed for two, three burner stove, tons of storage and access from the cab, an optional shower and some more features. This one of a kind jeep camper is the perfect vehicle to take on to the road and experience nature in a whole different way.











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About The Author


ABOUT DAVIDE CARBONE - Italian through and through, Davide was born and raised in a tiny little town named Biella in the Piemonte region known world-wide for its excelling textile industry as well as being the hometown of Michelangelo Pistoletto. Creator and founder of Gessato, GSelect, Gblog, Davide deals with design and communication since over a decade focusing in exploring innovative communication tools and techniques.

  • Fork Off

    Good for zombie apocalypse survivalism.

  • Mike

    But you lose the backseat. no where for dogs or kids – even appears pretty limited storage for camping gear.

  • BK

    I want one ! Think I would ditch the table in the back though….maybe a fold down some thing or other.

  • Michael Bishop

    That doesn’t look like a 4-door Jeep to me…..:-)

    • Anton Larsen

      You can clearly see where the back set of doors were in the first photo-they were covered up and rendered unusable by the installation of the camper.

  • Tina

    This is beyond beautiful!!!!

  • David Richoux

    Very nice!
    I have been thinking about something similar as an add-on to the Ford Transit (the small one) – might need some body modification, but I think micro-campers are still a posible solution to replace overblown RVs.