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The Wamberg House/Office

  • The immense space of the Wamberg Farm was once filled with consistent moos of the cows and a quintessential calm would placate the rural farm back in 1893. More than 100 years later, the space operates as a poetic integration of work life and repose. Hiberink Bosch Architecten designed a large structure for an office and a home to situate in one place in Berlicum, The Netherlands. The house received some alterations to adorn to the modern and familial necessities of a home. The upper floors were transformed to accommodate the new bedrooms and to connect to a great hall. Where the barn was once is now an office for the architects. The original double height space was kept open so that the roof and old timber construction can be seen. An additional structure was incorporated to create an ease of transition between the house and the office where it includes a bathroom, toilets and a geothermal heating/hot water system. Archaic barn doors stand in front of the new steel sliding doors of the structure as they remain open during the day and closed once the last employee leaves for the night.

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