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The Margarita, Felt Chair by Vanja Bazdul

  • The Margarita chair is the newest addition to Vanja Bazdul‘s Rough & Ready collection. Rough & Ready is an experimental furniture line inspired by the potentials of the imperfect,  unpredictable and the unfinished aesthetics. In her work Vanja surprises, evoking feelings of joy and playfulness. Influenced by her love for visual arts, Vanja has found her own way of creating functional objects, with a twist. Tailored and cured sheets of wool felt are assembled and tightened into place with rope, forming seating elements. The wool is embedded with rubber providing the surface not only with pleasant patterns but also with structural integrity.

  • Davide ABOUT DAVIDE CARBONE - Italian through and through, Davide was born and raised in a tiny little town named Biella in the Piemonte region known world-wide for its excelling textile industry as well as being the hometown of Michelangelo Pistoletto. Creator and founder of Gessato, GSelect, Gblog, Davide deals with design and communication since over a decade focusing in exploring innovative communication tools and techniques.
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