Is it real or is it my imagination? Italian Photographer Gustav Willeit mystifies the mind with his astonishing photo series PERSPE. Each photograph may appear real at first glance, but when the viewer takes a deeper look, a mask of doubt and suspicion cloaks the first veil of perception. These surreal photographs take our minds to a surreal land of what is and what is isn’t.

In the series PERSPE Gustav Willeit creates a parallel universe, depicting an environment that appears real but actually it was created. The observer is able to recognize the natural origin of the photograph, but nevertheless remains suspended in doubt, in a space between reality and fantasy. The human element that often makes the job of leading Willeit is never placed at random, but has the task of giving the viewer an element in which to recognize and so that creates a balance between truth and falsehood. The theme of the double-o mirrors always fascinated man and photographs of the series PERSPE possess a mysterious suggestiveness which borders the illusion.

Via @ Submission