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Castello di Semivicoli, Casacanditella, Italy

  • Perched in the Italian foothills between the Maiella Mountains and the Adriatic Sea, the villagers of San Martino sulla Marrucina continue to produce wine and olives in much the same way their ancestors have done for centuries. The traditional wine varieties of the region are Montepulciano and Trebbiano, and these grapes grow in vineyards all over the gently undulating landscape. The nearby village of Semivicoli boats expansive views of hillside wineries, bookended by vistas of the Adriatic Sea and Mount Maiella, covered in snow during winter months. Like its wine, the area’s culinary practices have remained largely unchanged through the passing of centuries; not to be missed are the pastas, oils, cheeses, meats, herbs, spices and truffles that have been perfected through the generations. The Castello di Semivicoli is a three-hundred-year-old structure that has been tactfully converted into a hotel, offering guests comfortable, modern accommodation in a seventeenth-century environment, and the chance to explore the region’s unpretentious yet extraordinary food, wine, natural beauty and history.

    Cameron ABOUT CAMERON COLE CARCELEN - Cameron is a designer and holds degrees in urban studies and architecture, and has a background in grassroots community involvement for neighborhood improvement and development. Having lived in New York and Buenos Aires, she is a lover of cities and currently lives in Quito, Ecuador. She loves bicycles, fresh juice, and the Andean topography punctuated by volcanoes that characterize Quito’s landscape.
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