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Origami Photographs by Marc Fichou

  • Origami is a logical medium for an artist with a strong interest in documenting changes throughout the course of a process. So it’s no surprise that a recent series of Marc Fichou‘s photographs are about the transformation that paper undergoes as it is morphs into origami figures and then back into sheets. The images show incredibly complex animal forms placed on paper that has been folded into the same form and then unfolded, yielding intricate webs of creases. Fichou arranges the figures on the creased paper carefully so that the animal picks up on folds in the paper beneath; by continuing these elements, he establishes datum lines that connect the form and the paper. The photographs play with sequence and time, permitting some ambiguity about the relationship between the two components in the compositions.

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    Cameron ABOUT CAMERON COLE CARCELEN - Cameron is a designer and holds degrees in urban studies and architecture, and has a background in grassroots community involvement for neighborhood improvement and development. Having lived in New York and Buenos Aires, she is a lover of cities and currently lives in Quito, Ecuador. She loves bicycles, fresh juice, and the Andean topography punctuated by volcanoes that characterize Quito’s landscape.
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