Old school is new again with “Pennies” from Ben Hertz’s stylish company, Benjo’s. The Minneapolis-based company known for its colorful laces has taken another venture into footwear accessories, and has turned its attention to the penny loafer. For those of a younger generation, the classic, all-American shoe sports its name because of a slotted band – for the purposes of carrying a dime for a telephone call, or just a penny– on the shoe’s throat line. Benjo’s has revitalized this concept to not the shiniest penny one can find, but the most colorful. These bright hints of rainbow are sure to jazz up any professional loafer, but are subtle enough to be displayed in both a corporate as well as casual setting. Options including “Wet Canary,” “Nemo Blue,” and “Gimme Kiss” are sold in little packets of two in a white paper fold-down very similar to the collectible matchbooks from restaurants. The patterned interior of the packaging, along with its simplistic graphic and seal, is another fantastic way to make the trends of the past into a future hit.