Tongue in cheek, this fire starter kit gone cologne is absolutely awesome.  So stereotypical and hilarious it just might become everyones stocking stuffer must have. It’s an ode to the modern day lumberjacks, backpackers and tree huggers.  Men who wish to be one with nature instead of one in their cubical.
Campfire Cologne consists of a set of matches and kindling of your choice aroma featuring cedar, oak or birch.  Boasting of being tried and true, it takes you to dream summer days of proudly strutting your manhood. The product itself is presented by Antler & Co, made by Fort Ripper out of Portland Oregon. The project is directed by Marc Ripper, the producer is Katrina Ripper.  At a price of just $12.95, you couldn’t possibly pass this one up. Pre-order here


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