There is the type of architecture that strives to differentiate itself from what already exists, and then there is another kind which gladly embraces and blends into its surroundings. Amangiri Luxury Resort Hotel is the latter, and achieves this harmony with the southwest scenery of the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument at the Four Corners. Architects Ricky Joy, Wendell Burnett, and Marwan Al-Sayed specifically selected materials for the resort based on their close mimicry of natural textures and hues of the valley. Indeed, when the resort is viewed from a distance, the only giveaways are the warm amber glow of interior lights. An oasis of extravagance and comfort, the hotel has multiple swimming pools and patios between the eighteen suites that compose the entire complex, with each body of water reflecting a watery version of the clear night sky above. Bedroom suites have views of the surrounding mountains that are perfectly framed by the wooden windows, which effectively eliminate the need for those all-too-cliché hotel wall hangings. Rooftop patios are punctuated with wooden chairs and minimal furniture to allow the vacationer to appreciate the mystical sunrises and sunsets without man’s intervention. If this is reality, then who needs a mirage?