Most parents can relate to the rite of passage when their young ones release their creative energy by drawing on the walls with crayons, markers, and the like. This image of graphical doodles on an inviting stretch of white canvas is evoked by Dopludó Collective’s acrylic mural in Bit Hotel of Barcelona, Spain. The three graphic artists of Dopludó Collective (Karina Eybatova, Lesha Galkin & Egor Kraft) have opened up a Pandora’s Box of delights, which now resides on the walls of the hotel. Ranging from a simple blue spring to a disconnected, floating nose, the hand-drawn, miniature illustrations are curious and a little offbeat. Other odds and ends include interlinked yellow chains, a few amorphous splatters of color, and the outline of a puffy cloud. With most of the fun graphics done in the primary colors, the mural is not overpowering and cluttered. Rather, the wall décor invites passersby to stop, examine the work, and perhaps locate a favorite image or two.

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ABOUT KIMBERLY LI - Kimberly is a graduate from MIT's Department of Architecture, and has recently joined the publication team at MIT OpenCourseWare. While architecture remains her first love, her interests encompass literature – epic poetry and Medieval romances are her favorite – and also fashion.