Living aloft on Mt. Fuji for over 600 days, Japanese photographer Yu Yamauchi captured the magisterial power of nature awakening each morning in his series Dawn. Photographing over 10,000 feet above sea level, he conditioned his work by purposely maintaining the same location and time, but one thing that didn’t remain fixed were the images he captured.

Awe inspiring and transitory, Yamauchi focuses the viewer outwards into a limitless and sometimes frightening boundless horizon. The ineffable beauty of his works allows one to quantitate their relationship to their physical world while at the same time, removes them into this otherworldly environment where sheer perspective seems endless.

“This space, “above-the-clouds,” exists far from the ground where we live our daily lives,” Yamauchi writes. “It is also a space between the earth and the universe. Being there simply reminds me of the face that we live on the earth which is a planet within an infinite space of the universe.”

Visit Yamauchi’s website to see more of his incredible imagery.


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