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RAMP Skis, Sustainably Handmade in the USA

  • Handmade skis from RAMP Sports might just be thing to help tide over the cold season. These skis are as colorful as they come, and boast the unique process of vacuum that is more cost-effective, better in terms of material quality, and more efficient in creating better forms for the skis. RAMP upholds its promise of completely U.S. production from machine to product, and a green initiative that includes a buy-back program for old skis. The skis display a range of designs, from graphic Lichtenstein-esque exclamations to a realistic rendering of a forest’s leafy greens. Between the aesthetics and the construction, consider this a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the winter’s snowy finest!

  • Kimberly ABOUT KIMBERLY LI - Kimberly is a graduate from MIT's Department of Architecture, and has recently joined the publication team at MIT OpenCourseWare. While architecture remains her first love, her interests encompass literature – epic poetry and Medieval romances are her favorite – and also fashion. She delights in various design projects, featured on her website "unkliched".
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