The smell of a fresh loaf of homemade bread permeates a kitchen until the whole family gathers from their corners of the house to mooch a taste. And it’s just so delicious, still warm and piping hot, butter melts the instant its spread. Making your own bread is certainly rewarding, though the process is slow and personal as each batch of dough is kneaded by hand. It tests our patience as we wait for it to rise, then into the pan for its heavenly results.

From the oven of Israeli designer Debbi Nitsan we are enlightened by a collection of peculiar baked electronic products. The crusty shell of her artisan breads wrap everyday machines that are fully functional. They come in form of a radios, clocks, and cell phones. The radios have tune knobs and antenna. The clocks are decorated with different hands. The cell phone has a wrist strap and flip open action.

She was lead by pure curiosity in her motive, “The contrast between high-tech and low-tech lead me to combine electricity and bakery.”


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