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Blood of Grapes Wine Bottle by Constantin Bolimond

  • The avid wine collector might be surprised to find the Blood of Grapes wine bottle incompatible with and undoubtedly more sinister than other stately glassware. With a wicked sense of humor indeed, Belarusian designer Constantin Bolimond reminds all that the tempting taste of wine comes at a price – paid by the grapes. The black-and-white bottle is shaped like an anatomical heart complete with superior vena cava and aorta, the interiors of the vessels painted a shocking red. An appropriate tagline, “from the heart of France,” continues to play on the cardiac theme, as does the red label that guarantees the drink’s Rhesus factor to be Rh+. Here’s a toast to bleeding grapes, and cups overflowing!

  • Kimberly ABOUT KIMBERLY LI - Kimberly is a graduate from MIT's Department of Architecture, and has recently joined the publication team at MIT OpenCourseWare. While architecture remains her first love, her interests encompass literature – epic poetry and Medieval romances are her favorite – and also fashion. She delights in various design projects, featured on her website "unkliched".
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    • Stephanie Ash Drost

      Where can I find this for sale?

    • Michelle


      Do you know where this wine, “Blood of Grapes” can be purchased?

      I have been trying to find it somewhere and I cannot… I can’t tell if it is actually a real wine or just an art piece, since everyone talks about it as wine but no one talks about purchasing said wine.

      If you could help me with this at all, that would be most appreciated.

      Thanks so much.



      • Kimberly

        Hi Michelle,

        Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Unfortunately, as you have pointed out, “Blood of Grapes” is a concept piece created by the designer. The name of the art piece does indeed create ambiguity about whether it references the bottle design or the wine itself. (No word on what wine was bottled.)

        Hope that (somewhat) helps clear things up —



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