Will Ferrell’s New York Loft by Shawn Henderson

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Photography by William Waldron © Architectural Digest

Will Ferrell is a chameleon of an actor who is able to take on a slew of personas in an instant. His family’s stylish New York loft reflects this wide range of personality with each room built with a certain character. The interiors were designed by Shawn Henderson, who transformed the spaces with vibrant accents of color against a sophisticated brick background of whitewashed floors and brick wall. The living room displays a collage of prints evoking Jasper Johns’s alphabet paintings, while the pristine open kitchen features a Lichtenstein-like work of Pop art. Elegant restraint is shown in the bedrooms that are centered on grey and sepia tones, but the visual quietness is contrasted by textured walls and tactile depth.

Photography by William Waldron © Architectural Digest
Photography by William Waldron © Architectural Digest
Photography by William Waldron © Architectural Digest
Photography by William Waldron © Architectural Digest




Kimberly is a graduate from MIT's Department of Architecture, and has recently joined the publication team at MIT OpenCourseWare. While architecture remains her first love, her interests encompass literature – epic poetry and Medieval romances are her favorite – and also fashion.

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