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The Long Studio by Threefold Architects

  • Set within the flatlands of rural Norfolk and inspired by the local agricultural vernacular this zero carbon artists studio was designed by Threefold Architects to capture the sky.
    “It is a building that has been almost entirely constructed by the client with simple and honest materials, for a modest sum of money,” state Threefold Architects. “It sits comfortably in the landscape and with a light touch on the earth, but most importantly has created a practical yet dramatic and inspirational work space that exploits the dynamic qualities of its site.”

    All of the timber used for the construction of the building is sustainably sourced, rainwater is harvested and the cladding is made from recycled cellulose fiber. The studio is heated by a wood burning stove, insulated by sheep wool and all its electricity is generated by photovoltaic panels.

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    • pam

      I love the sliding doors! Do you know who the manufacturer might be?

    • http://www.PURE-architecture.co.uk Norfolk Architects

      I recently read an article on the ‘Wimbish Passivhaus project’. I find this project very similar and equally impressive. It is great to see clients taking chances and getting directly involved with the environment and its sustainability. As an architecture firm based in Norfolk, we can say that it is truly inspirational to see such buildings being constructed locally.


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