South Lane Watches, 2013 Summer Collection

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Skinny jeans rolled up at the ankle and tight tucked collar shirts, natural fiber shoes and wayward stands of hair. On the train, they have dreary expressions casted through thick burly beards and dark eyeglasses, sipping super sized cappuccinos, ear buds in, staring straight ahead. Their roots of the haphazard lifestyle rich in all things slumpy and original where free time is spent building community, feeling like family on the lawn with frisbees or card games and a few choice drinks.

The Scandinavian watch brand South Lane fashions such a culture. They clash with the finest of society with casual soft straps as opposed to the traditional leather. The watch face still holds its poise with a handsome design, classy and noble. Simple hands tick tock across the wide dial, numbers styled in basic font.
South Lane creators say, “the brand’s aesthetic is clean and simple but with an unexpected touch of creative flair. It allows the stylish wearer to make a bold statement without having to worry about creating a balance between daring and kitsch.”
This 2013 spring/summer season, two lines have been released. The Urbaner collection features a city slicker black background with white digits, straps available in no boundaries black, decadent one neutral, attitude junkie orange and forever rebel green. The Soldermalm collection however, has a vintage feel with a spin. Numbers are a bit smaller and their position follows the center point, background laid in white, hands and digits taupe. Straps come in a variety of striped combinations or humble in medis brown. Named after the fashion forward district in Stockholm taking a taste of their trends to gentlemen all over the globe.



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