Tempted to turn your 20 square feet of urban yard into a strawberry patch? Seriously considering garden boxes on the roof? How about the neighbors, you think they’ll notice chickens in your shared courtyard? Without giving up urban farm fantasies in your nugget of outdoor space, why not try it on for size first? Well, Jenn and Philip Tompkins came up with Rent the Chicken as a way of giving city dwellers an opportunity to try the idea before having to commit. This way, if the experience doesn’t work for your living set up, then you simply return the chickens. The package includes a smallish moveable coop, two pleasant egg laying hens, supplies and lessons on how to care for the birds. Happy farming everyone!


Allison Parker is a proud stay at home mom maintaining a full schedule kissing boo boos and passing out hugs just because. Her days many times are spent between the garden and the kitchen. From a journey of learning whole food eating habits, she's taken on the challenges of baking bread, muffins and cakes from scratch and filling the cellar shelves with scores of her own canned goods each year. Writing is one of those things she does because its part of who she is. That and it's a nice break from the never ending work that comes with raising a family.