Using recycled materials to promote local, sustainable building practices A.Gor.A Architects from Thailand have designed and produced temporary dormitories and training classrooms for the 500 plus students of the Mae Tao Clinic. Keeping things at a low cost, the idea was to be simple in design and to use only materials readily available to them.  Nearby timber from old buildings is salvaged, de-nailed, and restored good as new for keeping the project moving on an affordable budget of only $2,178 each. The site sits just a few kilometers from the Burmese border, which gives reason for the high volume of immigrants and refugees concentrated in this area.  Within four weeks one of these structures to house 25 students funded by the Embassy of Luxembourg in Bangkok can be raised.  Their natural facade echoes beautifully against the landscape. The roof is made of eucalyptus leaves between a trellis of bamboo; the rest of the dormitories are made of recycled teak timber with bamboo for the exterior and interior walls. A primitive, yet hopelessly romantic design for those luxuries only Mother Nature can provide.

via [designboom]


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