Yusuke Oono’s portfolio may be full of book arts, but her background is in architecture. Using the skills she learned as an architect, Oono applies a 3D laser cutter to paper. The result is a collection of intricate carousel books which stand like buildings and unfurl like the human imagination. Of Oono’s work, her interpretation of The Jungle Book is the most iconic. Oono fashions Kipling’s story as a silhouette jungle scene, where the pages of blue, green, and yellow blur together and come alive. The spine of her book represents the trunk of an old tree, around which the scene unfurls, with a surreal menagerie of chimpanzees, giraffes, elephants, lizards, parrots, jaguars, lions, and gazelles all in one place, roving the rainforest floor and hanging from the canopy. Framed within square pages, the wild images draw viewers closer, almost inside Oono’s “system” of shapes, spaces, and color, so they can see The Jungle Book and perhaps books in general in a new and curious light.