Poler Outdoor Stuff is a casual jeans and t-shirt kind of brand for anyone who would turn to nature for a unique experience. On their site, Poler shares “Adventures” that feature their products in the real world. The photosets are exemplified by the latest, Adventure #75: Winter Lookout, which showcases eight items from Poler’s store. Photographed by Daniel Cronin, Adventure #75 follows travelers up a snowy trail to Clear Lake Butte Lookout. When the team reaches their destination, they find the promised cabin, campfire, and lookout tower. At the top, they work and they play. They chop wood, tend a fire, and fry up eggs and bacon. But, they also take the time tease their dog, read, drink, and view the surrounding woods and lake from the lookout tower. All without worrying about comfort and style. Poler Outdoor Stuff covers the basics, so their customers can immerse themselves in the natural process of creating their own adventures.