Returning to his homeland after an eight-year stay in England, Kamil flew to Poland, borrowed a camper, and ventured back to the UK to collect his belongings and go. Polish photographer Przemek Skrzypek was his driver. Skyrzpek’s new photo series, Kamil Leaving, documents Kamil’s particular story as an art restorer on the move and captures the day-to-day transformation inherent in traveling. The pictures show Kamil doing ordinary things against an unusual backdrop of the same clutter in different places. In one image, for instance, Kamil tapes up a box while surrounded by a mess of plastic bags and artwork. He stands in doorways, looking out on the possibilities before him: the retro world inside the van, a green pasture, a rainy cityscape. There’s a boyish look of resignation on Kamil’s face, and it suggests that there is a growing up narrative wrapped up in his passage from one country to another.