Turning unexpected places into skate parks, mobile ramps expand the possibilities of urban spaces. This set of one-of-a-kind creations illustrates just that. Documented in Skate Heads, a video directed by Zenga Bros and produced by Booooooom and Flexfit, the largest of these wheeled structures fits onto railway tracks. The big blue ramp is modelled after a historic townhouse with quaint wooden detailing and framed windows, and the unusual design makes its home on abandoned train routes. Another standout is the kitchenette with one side carved to resemble a man’s face. The rolling, open air kitchen emphasizes the communal nature of skating and gives everyone a chance to fill up on warm meal.
Altogether, these ramps are rougher around the edges than Canada’s water-bound Floating Skate Ramp. But, they are on a similar mission to make skating less restricted and more fun.