Restoring an Icon: The 1972 Le Mans Winning 911 Porsche

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Restoring classic cars to their former glory is one thing, but bringing an icon back to life is another. The team behind Porsche Classic have taken on the challenge of restoring a dilapidated 1972 Le Mans winning 911 2.5 S/T. Not only is this model one of just 24 made based on the 2.4 S Coupé, but it also the car that finished the 1972 Le Mans race on first place in the GT 3.0L class, managing to surpass the Ferrari 246 Dino. When it was found somewhere in the USA, the car was in a deplorable condition; the roof was bent out of shape, the doors had fallen off, the metal body was rusted throughout, and there were several signs of a previous car crash and subsequent sub-par repairs which only made the restoration process more difficult.

The team needed about 1000 hours of work, most of it manual, in order to reverse the damage and to recreate the features of the original. The result is impressive. The roof was replaced, the wheel arches built by hand and the entire car painted in the original light yellow color, with period-accurate stickers adding the perfect finishing touch. But this Porsche 911 2.5 S/T is not just looks without substance. An 110-liter racing tank, a padded sports steering wheel, widened mudguards at the front and rear, as well as bucket seats make this gem ready for action. Through a unique restoration process and plenty of hard work, a piece of history has been successfully revived, showing the timeless charm of a racing car from the 1970s. Images courtesy of Porsche.







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