Up until a few years ago, in-ear headphones couldn’t even come close to over-ear designs in terms of accuracy and sound quality. But now hi-fi audio equipment brand Audeze has really stepped up the game with the revolutionary iSINE in-ear headphones which are designed and manufactured in California.

Featuring the patented planar magnetic technology that combines magnets, 30mm ultra-thin planar magnetic diaphragms and a Uniforce voice-coil technology, these small headphones deliver clearer sound with minimal distortion (less the 0.1%) to rival over-ear products. And that’s not all. They come with the award-winning 24-bit Lightning cable that contains a high-quality inline amplifier, DSP, and a digital-to-analog converter, providing a superior and immersive music listening experience currently unmatched by other in-ear products. iSINE weigh 20 grams, have a slightly larger shape to fit the condensed tech features and a modern geometric design. There are currently two versions available, iSINE 10 and a premium model, iSINE 20; both are designed for the iPhone/iPad/iPod (including the iPhone 7) and come with a custom iOS app that allows the users to customize the sound in real-time. You can pre-order the two models now from the brand’s website and look forward to listening to your favorite music in a new way this November, when the orders are shipped. Photo credits: Audeze.