LINK Arkitektur

Lysaker, Norway
What is a good space? You might just as well ask what is the meaning of life. That is what makes architecture so interesting, mysterious and challenging. What makes a space good to work in or stay in depends on the surroundings, what the space and the building will be used for and how it is furnished. At LINK arkitektur, we want to take on the most challenging projects because we know that architecture is about solving individual tasks in order to achieve the best overall result. We have all the necessary expertise available at any given time and we are used to getting various architecture disciplines to work together toward a common goal. But we are also aware that there is never only one single solution to a challenge. We love having endless opportunities in our work, every single day. LINK arkitektur is one of the leading architect offices in Scandinavia, in terms of turnover, the number of employees and the number of projects completed annually. As a business model and philosophy, LINK has chosen to let our 14 offices with approximately 350 employees in Norway, Sweden and Denmark create their own culture and specialist fields.

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