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Design in Space

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Mask House

A tree house. A memorial. A place for nature contemplation as well as meditation. A thoughtful example of conceptual architecture. Mask House is all of these things and more....

Kingswood by MC Architecture Studio

Located in Christchurch, New Zealand this striking home stands in the place of a building demolished after the 2011 earthquake. The owners rescued the original trusses and hired the...

Casa RJ By Archiplan Studio

Inside Casa RJ, the past is not only very much alive, but it's also placed in a direct dialogue with the present to create a perfect equilibrium in a distinctive living space. Much...

Woodpeckers by Ström Architects

This two-story family retreat was completed in 2105 by Ström Architects, but before it was built from wood, glass and stone, it was brought to life as a strikingly realistic and...

Design in Execution

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Design in motion

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The Dash Bike By Taylor Stitch

California-based Taylor Stitch designs clothes that “fit well and function simply”, including the versatile Travel Chinos we wrote about previously. To accompany the new CIVIC...

Introducing The Kwiggle Bike

Designed as the world’s most compact folding bike, Kwiggle aims to revolutionize urban commuting. Smaller, lighter and faster than traditional folding bicycles, this ingenious...

Design in life

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Design in Abstraction

Where fantasy meets reality

Revolve By Talia Mukmel

Designer Talia Mukmel creates organic contemporary objects that balance the artisanal look of handcrafted items with innovative manufacturing techniques. Her latest work, the...

The Substance Of Empty Spaces

Absence, not presence, defines Daniele De Batté’s work. Interested in the tension between order and chaos and the balance between empty spaces, the Italian graphic designer,...

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